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book "Theatrum Scientiarum"

a companion volume to the graphic installation " Theatrum Scientiarum"

(edition 10 books)





The small book “Theatrum Scientiarum” is a companion volume to the graphic installation with the same name. Like the lithographic artwork it can be explained as an effort to generate a dialogue between art and science. It contains reflections dealing with the topic of the increasing level of technology in our everyday life in addition to an apparent approximation between the technological and the biological concept spheres. These reflections are attended by demonstrative illustrations which combines cutouts and prints on transparent paper.

The book is a digital print in the size of 15 x 21 cm.





view from inside





Theatrum Scientiarum/ Trial and Error
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book "Lectio disco"

a companion volume to the print series "Post Mortem"

(edition: 10 books)





The book “Lectio disco" is a companion volume to the print series “Post Mortem”. It contains ten etchings (5 x 5,5 cm) attended by ten hot metal typesetting texts. The texts were set up in Asta. The half title is accompanied by a cliché.

The book is an offer to the spectator, leading him or her closer to the concept the main work “Post Mortem” follows.  














Cassette "durch ödland nachts"

10 Illustration to 10 poems from the book with the same name written by André Schinkel

(edition: 5 cassettes)




The cassette “durch ödland nachts” include ten different sized etchings attended by poems from André Schinkel in hot metal typesetting. The cassette is made by hand in the book atelier of the university Burg Giebichenstein and has the size of 52 x 37 cm.


view from inside






... lichtloser abend

von ferne her verhallen züge

am lichtknopf der im flur versagt

und brandig riecht das klopfen der uhr

: das ist die große mitternacht

in der wir unsere wächsernen

gesichter vergeblich







a few more samples

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